Mesquite Control: Plant Basics


  • Herbicides must kill the underground bud zone to control mesquite permanently.
  • If you use an ineffective herbicide, herbicide grade, or improper application technique, you will usually only top-kill the mesquite which will re-sprout from basal buds.
  • The impressive mesquite thorn is actually a modified stem, growing to lengths of over two inches. Thorns are produced on new wood only and become buried in the stem as it grows larger. Frequent mowing of mesquite stimulates the production of new stems while removing most of the old growth. Frequent mowing or burning increases the number of mesquite thorns.
  • Mesquites are deciduous; plants shed their leaves and become dormant in winter. New leaves are produced each spring. For about the first 45 days after leaf buds open, leaves are light green. As they mature, they change to a dark green color.



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