Mesquite Control: Herbicide Leaf Sprays


  • ... and then travel through the carbohydrates throughout the plant. This is why timing is so important when using herbicides applied to mesquite foliage.
  • If mesquite is treated with herbicide leaf sprays when the plant is producing new top growth, the herbicide will travel primarily upward and outward towards these growth points. The herbicide will kill the leaves (or top of the plant) but not the root. This situation can occur in the early spring or after signifcant rain in the summer or early fall.
  • Remember, the leaves absorb herbicide applied to the foliage. To permanently kill the mesquite, carbohydrates must move the herbicide to the root crown & roots. Mesquite with many leaves absorb more herbicide than those with few leaves. Recently mowed plants will have too little leaf area to absorb lethal amounts of herbicide leaf sprays.
  • Use leaf sprays only if the mesquite has grown several months following mowing. Herbicide leaf sprays work best if the plants are allowed to grow two to three growing seasons after mowing or burning.
  • Rainfall anytime in the growing season may stimulate new leaf growth in the top of mesquite canapoies and makes leaf applications of herbicide less effective.
  • Carbohydrates begin flowing down into the root crown and roots in early summer after soil temperatures at one foot deep reaches 75 to 80 degrees.
  • For best control of mesquite using leaf applied herbicides, it's important that soil temperatures should be at least 75 degrees 12 inches deep, leaves are uniform dark green,...



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